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  • Automated Call Attendant/Voice Mail/Paging System
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Fax-on-Demand System
  • Fax Broadcasting System

Open Architecture

ObjectVoice is based on an open architecture which makes it easy to link your telephony applications to other programs through DLL's and custom controls.

ObjectVoice's Graphical Call Flow Builder

Our easy to use ObjectVoice graphical interface allows you to visually construct your call flow processing without  programming.  Although the application appears simple,  ObjectVoice will allow you to build sophisticated voice and fax systems.

Ready-To-Use Templates

ObjectVoice's templates are currently included for Voice Mail and Auto-Attendant.  These templates are provided for your convenience and may be used with minimal changes.

Ability To Create Voice Prompts & Fax-On-Demand

ObjectVoice's voice recorder allows you to create standard WAVE formatted files and place them directly into desired mailboxes.  In addition, ObjectVoice's fax recorder allows you to capture pages from a Windows based document and convert those pages into Fax-On-Demand pages.

Systems Recommendations

Windows 3.1, Windows NT, or Windows 95 with Dialogic and other Dialogic compatible voice boards are used to run ObjectVoice.

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