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Automated Monitoring System  


  • Monitors/Records Call Center Agents' Performances
  • Graphical Interface
  • Customer Questionaire Form Builder
  • Flexible Customizations

Monitors/Records Call Center Agent Performances

AMS allows you to monitor each call center agent by recording and saving the agents performance. AMS will dial into an existing PBX or ACD and will save the voice interaction into a WAV format file.  These files may be played through any Windows compatible sound card.

AMS's Graphical Interface

An easy-to-use graphical interface is provided to allow the managers to review the agents' performances.  This interface also allows managers to identify agent's history and store results for later review.  Each recording may be edited, emailed, or shared with other managers.

Customer Questionaire Form Builder

AMS allows you to create your own customized forms for agent performance reviews and customer satisfaction reports.

Systems Recommendations

Windows 3.1, Windows NT, or Windows 95 with Dialogic and other Dialogic compatible voice boards are used to run ObjectVoice.

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